2 Jun

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Documenting Life

31 May

There are moments in life I get anxious about stuff. I stress and I think I drive Ivan nuts. No actually I know I do 🙂 Am I alone, do any of you ever get like this about stuff?  For a while now, I have been struggling with where I am going with this photography adventure, as I like to call it.  What do I really want to do with this and am I willing to take the risks I need to take the next step? One word: FEAR.  HELLO. Oh fear, I hate how you creep in.

I love documenting life through pictures.  I have been anxious about it, because sometimes I think maybe I am crazy.  Maybe this is insane that I am trying to do this now in my life.  I don’t know about you, but as a kid I was never very creative, I was not the artsy type.   Although, I am happy with who I am and I would not be this girl TRYING to learn something new if I was any different, it was just not part of my life.  Sometimes I think, maybe I should not continue to invest in this, because I have a career I am building and invest in everyday.  I love what I do for a living.  I’ve always wanted to work in television, I always wanted to work in sports…well I’m doing it and NOW, and NOW I want to learn photography!  NOW I am in so in love with it that I want to continue to take pictures of families and couples!  AND now I want to shoot a wedding someday.  REALLY!! NOW!!

I do this to myself.  What am I worried about? I am learning something else, something totally different from my career…THAT IS OK!  This is when the AHA moments happen and I get all proud of myself…ummm I even do a victory dance when I have these moments.  How lucky is Ivan to share these moments with me. HA!

Where I take this adventure with photography is totally up to me RIGHT?!?!  I have this faith that is pulling at my heart and is telling me it’s all going to work out the way it is supposed to, but then I have this other little thing called FEAR pulling at me, telling me, what if you fail?  What if this is the wrong path to take?  I need to have more faith in God, He won’t lead me on the wrong path, I just have to see His signs and His guidance.  The thing is I need to be patient.  I need to stop and just enjoy the ride…YOU HEAR that LILY count your blessings.

I am blessed.  I am thankful to have a job I truly enjoy and am lucky enough to have time to learn something new.

WHOA! I just really vented here didn’t I?  What has this blog became?!?!?  The other day someone made me realize just what this blog really is to me, what this adventure really is for me.  I follow Jasmine Star because of her amazing work and the smart business woman she is, little did I know she would lead me to her sister Bianca, who is also amazing at what she does.  Her blog, In the Name of Love  is just as awesome and inspiring as Jasmine’s.  She posted the other day in reference to her blog, “I had an epiphany and wanted to have a place where I could document the successes and failures of pursuing my dream.”  After reading that it made me realize I am doing the same here.  I am documenting the ups and downs in this adventure called MY LIFE!  I am documenting life, the good, the bad, the risks and the fears.  I am documenting the BIG moments in my life and the SPECIAL little ones.

Here I share a special little moment of my life…

Car Shows! Who knew!

27 May

First let me address the obvious!  I have not blogged in a while.  There is no excuse, I just have not carved out the time, BUT that does not mean I have not been shooting!  I have a lot of great things to share soon starting with today!!  WooHoo!  Today for no reason at all I just want to use the WooHoo word 😉

Anyway, I took these pictures a couples weeks ago at a car show where Ivan had to volunteer for work.  He asked me to join him and at first I did not want to spend my Saturday morning there, but he convinced me and I’m glad he did…O-M-GEE there was so much to shoot and the fact that I did not think of that right away deserves a non-woohoo. HA!

Cowboy Up 2011!!!

9 May

Stagecoach!  What a tradition it has become for Ivan and I.  This was our 5th year attending and I’m telling you each year is more interesting. Its 2 days of awesomeness!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but I will say, I had the best time shooting pictures there with this group of crazies 😉

The end. Till next year.


5 May

Little did I know when I was about to shoot pictures of Rianna (which is a combination of her mommy and daddy’s name, so cute right) she was going to LOVE every minute of it.  The minute I started shooting she went into model mode.  It’s like she knew exactly what I wanted from her and  just did it! I love these pictures!  Every single time I look at them they make me smile…like BIG smile.  The BEST thing is that this is exactly what Rianna does to everyone around her, she makes them smile. She is a blessing to the family! I love her so much!

Bloody Tired!

29 Apr

Roxy and I watched the Royal Wedding last night!  Today we are pooped 😉 It’s nothing we planned just kind of happened. HA!

Happy Friday! Big StageCoach weekend for us! Super excited to take pictures there!!! Stay tuned!

Oh So Pretty!

4 Apr

My entire family knows that I have fallen in love with photography and the word has spread about me jumping at the chance to practice with real HUMAN BEINGS 🙂  A couple of weeks ago, I shot Wendy’s maternity pictures. I honestly almost didn’t do this due to my nerves, but now I’m so glad I did.

They are quite an amazing couple, Wendy and Corey. You meet them, you see them together and you just know instantly they are perfect for each other. They are meant to be as is this special little baby, who is going to be so loved. I cannot wait to meet him!

Wendy you are OH SO PRETTY! Thank you for allowing me to take your pictures in such a special moment in your life.

How gorgeous is she!?!?!?

Spunky D!

25 Mar

DENISE, D-NICE, D!!!  She is a go-getter!  No doubt!  She is motivated, talented and great all around.  She is the friend you call any day of the week and say, I need a night out!  She will be there for you in a heartbeat and not to mention will pick the perfect place.  We have had many adventures together ;)!  I wanted to take pictures of her for a while and we finally made it happen.  She is just spunky and fun, who wouldn’t want to take her picture!  Thank you Denise for allowing me to practice on you 😉 It was so much fun!

Marathons and 30!

24 Mar

I woke up Sunday morning at 4am. I jumped out of bed, excited, nervous, you name it i was feeling it.  It was marathon day and I had been waiting for this day for a while. I was ready to just do it, bad ankle, rain, come what may. Well to many of my surprises along the race my ankle did feel better than I thought it would (more about that later) and the rain, well let’s just say I did not expect it to be a wild, windy storm.  I sit here typing this and I still don’t know how I ran through that. It was crazy.  At some point it was raining side ways, so the hat I had on made no difference, I was getting buckets thrown in my face! At least that is what it felt like. Another one of my surprises was I never hit a wall. Every marathon I have run I hit a wall physically and mentally, and I have to find a way to pull through. This time there was no wall mentally, physically that is a given your body is about done with you at mile 20, so mentally you have to pull yourself through. It is the time you grow, the time you are telling yourself, You can do this! I usually have a moment where I think, “Why in th hell am I doing this, why would I put myself through this.”  This time during this crazy, wild marathon I never felt that. Of all marathons, REALLY I never had that moment? REALLY!  I kept telling myself, “You cannot control a lot of things during this marathon, your ankle, the rain, the stupid hills, but you can control your mind.” Keeping that in mind got me through even during mile 20 and 21 at the Veterans Hospital, when I wanted to shoot someone because of the big ass hill.  And just when you think you are going to lose a leg you pull through and THEN YOU see a smiling face cheering you on (thank you  Ness, Yoya, Cindy, Moni and Stephanie).   My ankle hurt a bit at the beginning then hurt BIG TIME at mile 23, let’s just say thank God the rest of the marathon is down hill from there, because anything else would have been hard to get through with my bad ankle. 

Overall I enjoyed this marathon and I know that sounds crazy considering the rain, but I think it’s because I had more challenges this race and I got through them with my BEST TIME!!!  4:40!  Will it be my last full marathon? Maybe, but that is what I said last year.  I will definitely do a half marathon soon…like May! HA!  Well if my ankle allows it. 

So one last thing, I turned thirty yesterday. I feel good. I feel like this new decade means new risks for me…it’s the time to take risks.  I really love what I do for a living, so I  hope to continue to succeed there, but I also hope to take photography one step further very soon!!! I just love it and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this journey! This blog was created to document it and it’s been awesome.  I also feel 30 brings more awareness for me health wise, I feel really positive about trying to live a more healthy life style. Last, this thought has been with me for a while, not too long ago I read on The Daily Love “Be this example and you will inspire others to shine brightly as well. Don’t think small. Your SPIRIT is larger than life. Start thinking this way and unleash the power of your love onto our planet. We need you, NOW!”  To me that says a lot.  I realize, with anything that comes your way its sooooo possible to get through anything. We are so mentally strong to do and be anything we want to be. I want to be that example. If not for anybody but for me 🙂

Welcome 30!!!  I love you already!


17 Mar

I failed. Yup! And I am not happy about it.  If you haven’t notice, I stopped doing the picture of the day.  What a loser right. I mean really, was I going to have time to do that in January when I can’t even remember January?  It flew by. I swear when I looked at the calendar when I was in Dallas, I thought, WHAT THE HELL its February?!?!?  Anyway,  I was upset about it but then I got over it. HA! I have a lot going on and if that is the thing I stop doing I am not mad. I have a busy job and Marathon training.  Anyway, enough of trying to convince myself it’s ok LOL! So Dallas…I know I am late, but these pictures are cool and I want to post them on here!!!